Update: New Worker Magazine
operated from late 2013 until
the global pandemic in 2020.

New Worker Magazine is an independent publication about work.

We publish critical essays, opinion pieces, profiles, articles and occasional news. We favor thoughtful, earnest storytelling from a diverse range of voices. Our content is original and independent and the views expressed belong to their respective authors. We also maintain the Coworking Press List and the NYC Coworking Map.


The magazine has been featured on CBS This Morning, Commercial Observer, Coworking Europe, Deskmag, Freelancer’s Union, Share Desk, Shareable, Social Workplaces, Optix, OuiShare, and a bunch of blogs and podcasts.

We started in December 2013 and launched in May 2014 with a team of writers based around the globe.

Our founding editor is Melissa Mesku, a former entrepreneur, freelancer, and person who worked in coworking spaces. If you catch her on a bad day, she’ll tell you the new world of work chewed her up and spat her out. On a good day, she’ll just wink and tell you she finally quit hustling and got a real job. She is now our publisher and is based in New York.

The magazine is ad-free and does not generate revenue. We pay writers. We exist thanks to reader donations, so thank you for reading and donating.

We’re still here because, despite everything, work still sucks and no one really likes to talk about it.

We are 100% open to your suggestions, recommendations, late night burning questions, mad revelations, and of course your participation. Drop us a line at info(at)newworker.co. If you’re interested in writing for us, please see our Submissions page.