Press list of people who cowork


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Next time a journalist writes about coworking, let it be about you. Share what you do with the world by adding yourself to this press list of people who cowork. The list will help journalists find out what's actually happening in coworking spaces around the world. This can be an easy way to win some press for yourself and your company/project/space (without having to pitch!). The media is looking for ALL kinds of stories big and small, including yours.

If most mainstream news articles about coworking are boring, it's because they don't know about you yet. 🙂

New Worker Magazine started and maintains this public list in order to share it widely with media outlets around the world. We've helped lots of people who cowork garner international press, including print and TV, and we're trying to democratize the process. Questions? Want to get involved? info (at) newworker (dot) co.

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