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Next time a journalist writes about coworking, let it be about you.

There are a number of ways to get involved with New Worker Magazine. We are always happy to receive pitches, tips, and submissions from anyone with something unique to share about the changing world of work.

You can also support us by sharing us on social networks, commenting on stories, and good old fashioned sending us money. We’re all-volunteer so every bit is much appreciated. Most people tend to communicate with us telepathically, but it would be much cooler if they emailed us instead.

Do you work from a coworking space? Or have insights about work?

  • Get some major press. We just started hosting a list that can help get you (and your work/company/project) noticed by major media outlets. Add yourself to our press list. Yes, you. Seriously, you.
  • Write. Contribute by writing an article, column, thought piece, interactive game, how-to, interview, narrative, elaborate finger painting, etc. (No fiction or poetry, though. We’re not that kind of magazine.)
  • Tell us what you’re up to. If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, independent, telecommuter, or work from a coworking space, tell us what you do so our writers and editors can source you in an upcoming article, or perhaps even profile you or your company. You. Yes, you. Seriously, you.
  • Collaborate. We are actively seeking people who are interested in collaborating on the publication, whether by editing, publishing, marketing, etc. Get in touch and we can discuss carving a niche for you.

Are you a coworking space owner or manager?

  • Keep us in the loop. Tell us about the notable people, events, companies, projects, collaborations, stories and happenings in your space. Let’s spotlight the amazing things your members are doing. See below to learn what we’re looking for.
  • Share us with your members. We’re free. And we go a long way to making coworkers feel like they’re a part of something bigger (because they are).
  • Share us with your prospective members. Show them what our global community looks like.
  • Partner with us. Get in touch if you have ideas for other ways we can work together.
  • Have your members add themselves to our press list. We’ve helped some coworking spaces and members get press in major media outlets. Share our press list with your members.

What we want to hear about:

  • Critiques and analyses of coworking or other future of work topics
  • Unique events, practices, partnerships or programs related to the future of work
  • Any notable people or companies that work from a coworking space
  • Collaborations between members of coworking spaces
  • App/tech companies based in coworking spaces or serving their members
  • Coworkers with odd jobs, e.g. not in tech/media/startups. Bonus points for outlandish professions!
  • Remote workers (telecommuters)
  • Digital nomads
  • Your personal story vis-à-vis the changing world of work, if you have a unique spin on it
  • Anything that would be interesting to other people curious about the future of work

When pitching us a story, watch out for this. The two most common types of pitches we receive are: “And then I joined a coworking space and all of a sudden everything was great,” and “Hey, look, this is our coworking space.” That’s nice, but we need more information to make it a well-rounded story. Be sure to give us some solid details to help us craft something interesting.

Please note that we are a community-based publication, all volunteer, and currently have no operating budget. Yet we do pay! In particular, we pay for reported pieces and for certain essays. We are only able to pay some of our contributors some of the time. We want your work, so please feel free to inquire and we’ll see what we can arrange.

New Worker Magazine is created by your collaboration, so we’re particularly open to your ideas. Hit us up!


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