We are looking for:

  • Critiques and analyses of coworking and other future of work topics
  • Trends, unique events, practices, partnerships or programs related to the future of work
  • Remote workers (telecommuters), digital nomads, people and companies who work from coworking spaces
  • Your personal story vis-à-vis the changing world of work, if you have a unique spin on it
  • Anything interesting to people who are curious about the future of work

The two most common types of pitches we receive are: “And then I joined a coworking space and all of a sudden everything was great,” and “Hey, look, this is our coworking space.” That’s nice, but we need more information to make it a well-rounded story. Be sure to give us some solid details so we can help you craft something interesting.

We are a community-based publication, all volunteer, and currently have no operating budget, yet we do pay writers. Specifically, we pay for reported pieces and for certain essays. Please feel free to inquire and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Send pitches and submissions to us at info(at) and include “Hey!” in the subject line so we know you read this.