A tour of Adelaide’s coworking spaces


In follow up to the REMIX Academy Co Work Space workshop, the team at Majoran Coworking coordinated a whistle stop tour in July of Adelaide, Australia’s burgeoning coworking scene.

Setting off from the city centre, representatives from the Adelaide coworking scene and State Government embarked on the tour to 12 sites across the suburbs and the central business district, heading first to the New Venture Institute and CoHab. The tour continued on to Sass Place, That Space, Brick & Mortar, The Mill, St Paul’s Creative Centre, Tooth & Nail, Tuxedo Cat, Majoran, Hub Adelaide and Format.

Participants gained insight into the diversity of clients each space catered for, including creatives, business and tech professionals, and the variety of business models across the coworking sector.

The tour highlighted for everyone the importance of coworking and the great work it does. It was a fantastic opportunity for many in the industry to come together, deepen their understanding of what is happening in the area and continue to discuss how to grow and strengthen Adelaide’s collaborative, creative coworking spaces.


The REMIX Academy Co Work Space workshop was a collaboration of the Department of State Development and the Capital City Committee. Find more at the Capital City Committee Adelaide website.

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