Our writers and columnists represent the diverse voices of the changing world of work. Most of our contributors work from coworking spaces around the world.

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Rosa Matas

Rosa Matas is a journalist at La Vanguardia in Catalonia.

Roy Pereira

Roy Pereira lives in Toronto and is CEO and founder of

Wahida Labidi

Wahida Labidi is a coworking space founder in Tunis, Tunisia.

Umang Sood

Umang Sood is cofounder and creative director of Of10, a coworking space in Mumbai.


Helen O'Keeffe

Helen O’Keeffe works for an interior design company in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews is a writer in Pittsburgh and the founder of

Shayla Price

Shayla Price is a tech conference speaker and marketer in Florida, and is originally from Louisiana.

Rosalie Harrison

Rosalie Harrison is an international management consultant with Borderless in Brussels.


Dr. Martin Engstler

Dr. Martin Engstler is Dean of Studies in Business Information Systems at Stuttgart Media University in Stuttgart, Germany.

Nick Freiling

Nick Freiling is a coworking researcher and the founder of Haven Insights. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ricardo van Loenen

Ricardo van Loenen is co-founder and CEO of B.Amsterdam in, well, Amsterdam.

Karoli Hindriks

Karoli Hindriks is from Tallinn, Estonia and spends her time traveling as cofounder and CEO of Jobbatical, a career adventures marketplace.


Scott Summers

Scott Summers is freelance tech and travel writer.

Oles Kosiuk

Oles Kosiuk is founder of Cheesefree in Kiev, Ukraine.

Karlie Kramer

Karlie Kramer is a tech and social media writer in Austin, TX.

John Klein

John Klein is a research scientist at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Tony Huynh

Tony Huynh is an online marketer in San Diego.

Will Bennis

Will Bennis is the founder of Locus Workspace in Prague.

Henry Wisbey Broom

Henry Wisbey Broom is a technology writer in London.

Ted Bigham

Ted Bigham is the manager of The Salt Mines coworking space in Columbus, Ohio.


Jordan Choo

Jordan Choo lives in Toronto and advocates for a free and secure internet everywhere.

Meredith Wood

Meredith Wood is Editor in Chief of Fundera in New York.

Karis Hustad

Karis Hustad is a journalist in Aarhus, Denmark.

Scott Moses

Scott Moses lives in Brooklyn and is the creator of LiveOnceLiveWild.


Ryan Chatterton

Ryan Chatterton is based in Budapest. As founder of Coworking Insights, he’s interested in the future of coworking and digital nomadism.

Chrys Tan

Chrys Tan is a digital nomad originally from Singapore. She’s the creator of Women Digital Nomads and currently lives in South America.

Mara Savina Falstein

Mara Savina Falstein lives in Vancouver. She’s a writer and the community manager at flexible workspace platform ShareDesk.

Stefan Bhagwandin

Stefan Bhagwandin is a marketer at Share Your Office and writes for tech and startup publications like The Next Web.


Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson is a journalist in Seattle.

Anna Farkas

Anna Farkas is a writer and yoga instructor in Brooklyn.

Benjamin Alderoty

Benjamin Alderoty is a UX designer in Santa Barbara.

Destiny Hagest

Destiny Hagest is a freelance writer in Montana.


Miguel Guerrero

Miguel Guerrero founded Vallarta Cowork and lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Edwin Ho

Edwin Ho is a digital marketer in Hong Kong.

Megan Hutchcraft

Megan Hutchcraft, AIA is an architect based in Albuquerque.

Maor Cohen

Maor Cohen, from Israel, is CEO of Pickspace, a coworking app.


Rebecca Kallsen

Rebecca Kallsen coworks in Hamilton, Ontario.

Ceci Amador

Ceci Amador is the managing editor of Allwork.Space and is based from wherever her laptop is.

Michelle Bodick

Michelle Bodick lives in New York and is a Managing Director at The Instant Group.

Lauren Gregson

Lauren Gregson is head of business development at Woodhouse Workspace, and is based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK.


Ann Brown

Ann Brown has been a freelance writer for more than two decades. A born-and-bred New Yorker, she now calls Praia, Cabo Verde home.

Ivan Brkljac

Ivan Brkljac lives in the countryside in Serbia where he runs a international coworking and coliving space.

Ken DeMaria

Ken DeMaria is a self-styled Infrastructure Technologist who now is now the VP of technology at ATLAS Workbase in Seattle.

Jocelyn Ibarra

Jocelyn Ibarra coworks all over the place.


Amanda Gray

Amanda Gray is a journalist in Berlin and Ljubljana. A longtime contributor at Deskmag, she has written extensively on coworking culture.

Nader Luthera

Nader Luthera is a CEO based in Auckland, New Zealand and coworks around the world.

Kate Dimock

Kate Dimock is an interior designer in Albuquerque.

Sylvia Arthur

Sylvia Arthur is the author of Get Hired: Recession-Proof Strategies for Finding a Job Now.


Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman is well-known in the coworking world as partner and cofounder of Philadelphia’s first coworking space, Indy Hall.

Beth Jusino

Beth Jusino is a journalist in Seattle and brings us delightful interviews with other coworkers. Her column for us focuses on coworkers’ odd jobs.

Aude Konan

Aude Konan is a London-based French Ivorian writer and former actress who works in a bilingual and multi-country context.

Ansel Liu

Ansel Liu is the founder and managing director of Nomad, the coworking app. He’s based in London and shares news of coworking trends.


Fatim-Zahra Biaz is cofounder of New Work Lab in Casablanca.

Matt Grant

Matt Grant is a staff writer at Literary Hub in Brooklyn.

Scott Colman

Scott Colman is the Creative Director of UK-based office fit-out company Blue Jelly.

Tim Becker

Tim Becker is a Minneapolis-based trial lawyer.


Salman Ansari

Salman Ansari is a founding engineer of a company recently acquired by Oracle. He lives in San Francisco and DJs, teaches and gives motivational talks in his spare time.

George McLaughlin

George McLaughlin lives in Madison, WI and has an affinity for early stage start ups. He’s currently working on, a platform to connect and empower coworking communities.

Rakiah Oneeb

Rakiah Oneeb is a freelancer based in Karachi. She writes about the relationship between entrepreneurship and collaborative workspaces around the world.

Aloma Murray

Aloma Murray is an entrepreneur who’s passionate about building community. She’s the co-founder of a Eugene, OR coworking space and business incubator.


Dave Gentry

Dave Gentry writes on the topic of work-life blur for Boston coworking space Workbar.

James Cropcho

James Cropcho lives in New York City and shares with us his experience trying out different spaces to work from.

Diana McLaren is the community lead at Hub Coworking in Sydney and covers the Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Australia.

Kyle Lee broke free from the office and is now starting to explore coworking and entrepreneurship. He’s based in Houston.


Lichen Han is a student and writer based in San Francisco. With a background in computer science, he writes about hackerspaces and makerspaces.

Rachel Young is the founder of Camaraderie Coworking in Toronto and shares with us news from the burgeoning coworking world in Ontario.

Katy Tynan has contributed a number of articles for us. She is the author of Free Agent: The Independent Professional’s Roadmap to Self-Employment Success and lives in Boston.

Jared Choate is an author and freelancer based in San Francisco. When he’s not riding his bike across the country, he writes about startups in the Bay Area.


Sonya Iverson is a synthetic biologist based in Boston. She writes about community science and how coworking lab spaces are impacting science-based companies.

Eric Carr is a writer and designer in San Diego. He especially likes writing about when creative people get together to do otherwise impossible things.

Shailesh Deshpandé founded Indieloft coworking in Nagpur, India and writes about freelancing and tech entrepreneurship in India.

Sara Tiller is a freelance writer who works with small businesses and startups in San Francisco. She has a fondness for data journalism and really great stories.


Tony Giroux is based in Vancouver and is a professional dancer.

Robin Knowles is a freelance engineer who runs an independent aerodynamics consultancy in the UK.

Suraj Nair is a freelancer based in India.

Chris Allen coworks in Springfield, MO and is focused on highlighting the perceived and tangible benefits of coworking.


Shaun Scott

Shaun Scott is an author and filmmaker based in Seattle.

Kathryn Daniel is based in New Mexico and moonlights as a freelancer and photographer.

Dani Gagnon lives in Toronto, runs a social media company and plays in the band KINK.

Kelly Baug is a freelance writer in Rochester, NY.


Rebecca Curl is a writer and freelance wig and make-up artisan based in Chicago.

Arick Wong is a sleep and circadian researcher based in Boston.

Ashok Amaran is an app developer who coworks from Fort Collins, CO.

Natalie Phillips is a recent graduate and works in a startup in Kansas City.


Chloe Bennet

Chloe Bennet is a tech blogger in Australia.

Nora Mork

Nora Mork is a journalist and freelance blog editor.

Jessica Leone

Jessica Leone is a writer and marketer in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Laura Gayle

Laura Gayle is the founder of


Rafa Moreno coworks from Madrid and shares for an English-speaking audience some of the juiciest bits from Spanish magazine Zona Coworking.

Amir Rajan coworks in Dallas and shares what he learned about attainable goals from his experience in creating A Dark Room, the #1 iOS game.

Elodie Larousse coworks in Nice, France.

Brent Comstock is a startup junkie and rural innovator in rural Nebraska.


Luka Piškorič is cofounder of Ljubljana coworking space Poligon and the Slovenia Crowdfunding Initiative.

Melissa Mesku coworks in New York City and is the founding editor of this magazine.

Carlos Almansa writes for Spanish magazine Zona Coworking and is cofounder of Nexudus Spaces. He coworks in Madrid.

Perttu Salovaara is from Finland and coworks from Brooklyn. He analyzes the impact of coworking on leadership, and other key takeaways from his recent PhD research.


Keliomer Castillo is based in Philadelphia and writes on tech startups and musicians.

Tony Bacigalupo is the founder of New Work City in New York City.

Alon Lichtenstein is an entrepreneur who coworks in Cape Town, South Africa.

Abdallah Absi coworks in Beirut as founder of Zoomaal, the Middle East’s first crowdfunding platform.


Raquel Baetz is a freelance writer who splits her time between London and New York.

Inés Arroyo coworks in Madrid and shares how she harnessed collaborative design online to create the #1 educational app.

Amy Segreti writes for Huffington Post and coworks in Boulder, Colorado.


Joel Dullroy is co-founder of Deskwanted and Deskmag, and the author of Independents Unite! Inside the Freelancers’ Rights Movement.


Julie Sutter coworks in Fort Collins, CO.

Mike Caprio coworks in New York City.

Leslie Bourke coworks in Portland, OR.

Hila Ratzabi coworks in Philadelphia.


Geneva Guerin coworks in Montreal and is a documentary filmmaker.

The Geekqualizer is an aburdist advice column for the coworking intelligentsia and those trying to break into its ranks, written by Dublin-born standup comic Roddy O’Hare.

Gina Lujan coworks in Sacramento, CA and tells us how she came to found HackerCare, the health insurance for, well, hackers (and their startups).

Gemma Church

Gemma Church is a freelance tech writer in New York City who coworks from The Farm Soho.


Hanna Löfqvist coworks in Stockholm.

Mohamed Ezz ElDin coworks in Cairo.

Erin Sperger is an attorney and coworker in Seattle.

Clarice Meadows is a coworker and New York-based game designer.


Pek Pongpaet coworks at NextSpace in Silicon Valley.

Kevin Galligan is an old-school coworker and CEO of Touchlab, New York’s top Android development shop.

Aleksander Szulc coworks in Warsaw.

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