Coworking for Nepal


by Melissa Mesku

On May 6, a number of coworking spaces are hosting a day of coworking to benefit Nepal after its devastating earthquake.

Initiated by John Coghlan, founder of DUMBO Startup Lab, Coworking for Nepal offers a simple plan. Anyone who wants to participate by working from a coworking space on May 6 need only register on Eventbrite, then head to a participating space and show proof of having donated to any Nepal relief organization.

Coworking spaces that wish to participate may do so easily via email.

The charitable event was announced on April 28 and, as of this writing, includes six coworking spaces in Brooklyn and Manhattan, but Coghlan is looking to include any other interested coworking spaces.

In what may be the first of its kind, the Coworking for Nepal initiative is a way for owners and operators to use coworking for a greater cause. “I’ve always wanted to find creative ways to leverage DUMBO Startup Lab’s assets to help others and this idea is a really direct way to do that. I hope that myself and the other participating spaces can take what we learn from this event and expand our ability to generate impact in the future,” said Coghlan.

The Coworking for Nepal website keeps an updated list of all participating coworking spaces, including Bat Haus, The Compound Cowork, Impact Hub, New Work City and St. Lydia’s. The site states, “We hope that this will be the first of many opportunities for coworking communities to leverage their resources in support of important causes.”

To donate, visit the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund or check out more ways to donate here.

Visit Coworking for Nepal at

Photo credit: Photo in the creative commons via Flickr user Christopher Michel.
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