Deskmag interviews New Worker Magazine


What happens when a coworking magazine writes about another coworking magazine? It gets meta pretty fast and I lose the game, for one.

Put another way, if two coworking magazines met in a dark alley, which would emerge victorious? Just kidding, we didn’t meet in a dark alley, we met on Skype, and it was lovely.

Deskmag’s Amanda Gray and I talked about life, travel, and, incidentally, the Balkans. We also talked about coworking, you can be damn sure. Here’s a favorite bit:

Deskmag: Of what significance is it that New Worker Magazine is independent?

Mesku: Aside from Deskmag, the few coworking publications out there are put out by coworking brands. Being independent means we are space-agnostic; we can publish critiques and perspectives that wouldn’t be heard elsewhere.

DM: What sets New Worker Magazine apart from larger publications?

Mesku: Much of the business press is devoted to the tech industry, where “tech” has come to mean app startups specifically. Some larger tech publications are part of the hype machine and share funding with the companies they report on. I feel this leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, coworking spaces are often home to app companies but they also include the wide range of freelancers and independent workers whose work often falls through the cracks, press-wise. The range of work that takes place in coworking spaces deserves its own coverage, and the perspective that coworkers can offer needs to be heard.

Read the interview in full here at the Deskmag site.