Yep, now we have a blog


Welcome! We are now adding a blog to New Worker Magazine. Everything else is the same — new articles on coworking topics are still to be found on the main page’s preview panel, or listed under “All Articles” above.

But in this cozy little corner you’ll find news and updates pertaining to New Worker Magazine, and perhaps other goodies as well, which may or may not include your dear editor whinging about elitist coworking spaces, or bragging, or confessing, or musing about independent work and non-work.

We decided to add the blog because many of you have been signing up for our email list and emailing to see if we’re alive and well. And we are! We’ve just been too busy IRL to share it lately (sorry!). But good things are happening and we’re growing, so keep emailing and signing up. If you need to up your addiction to New Worker Magazine then we promise to enable you as best we can. Thanks!