The Geekqualizer Advice Column 2

geekqualizer2Thumbing a ride on StartupBus

Dear Geekqualizer,
I recently read about this guy whose professional network really took off after he joined StartupBus. I would like to grow my professional network, and I also happen to be broken down just outside of Topeka, Kansas and was wondering if you could get them to come pick me up.
—Sticking it out in Thumbsville, KS

Dear Sticking,
I don’t know if I’d recommend that as a plan. Frankly, I don’t see what the big appeal is about this StartupBus. I mean, how many times do they have to keep starting it up? I have jumper cables in the back of the van. They should probably look at getting a good mechanic who can sort them out — maybe that’s why they keep driving down to Austin. So I say to you, if you’re looking to hitch a ride, you might want to consider any bus other than this one that needs to be started up all the time.

If you’re outside of Topeka then you’re right by Kansas City: I’ve heard good things about startups there so they might be able to start up that bus. Wait, my informant intern just told me there’s another Kansas City. Jaysus this is a big country. If there’s anything more missourible than Kansas City, it’s having two of them. Anyway, what is it with you getting out of one broken car and climbing into a broken bus? Although I’m sure it’s good for networking as you say — sitting around on a broken down bus is probably a great way to get to know people. If you need a ride, let me come getcha. It’ll take me a couple days to get there but I promise you the, er, professional networking will be worth it.


Dear Geekqualizer,
Is it safe to host on Airbnb? I used to rent my place when I lived in Vegas, but apparently it’s illegal in New York. My new boyfriend also has his own place, so we could even do some A/B testing and rent out the place that gets the best price. If you have any suggestions to help me make ends meet, I’d be forever grateful, Geekqualizer!
—House Poor on Houston St

Dear House Poor,
Coming from Vegas, you should be used to things that are legal there being illegal everywhere else. Hold on — my intern tells me that I should include another joke to try out this A/B thing. How’s this: Of all the Vegas-y things that you can do in a New York apartment that are illegal, renting it out shouldn’t be one of them.

As to whether it’s safe to host on Airbnb, all I can tell you is that hosting seems to be where it’s at. Everyone’s doing it these days, they’re hosting on Airbnb, hosting on, and I’ve even heard there’s hosting in the cloud. Honestly if you’re trying to compete, your rat-infested New York apartment doesn’t stand a chance against renting on a cloud. My intern tells me the cloud now offers load balancing, which sounds like something someone once did to me in Vegas. Anyway, if you’re trying to compete against a fluffy cloud that can balance a load, you’re going to need all the help you can get. But let me ask you a different question: if you’re concerned about A/B, you should definitely get tested. You’ve got a new boyfriend so you should be responsible: get tested and make sure that what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Git Out

Dear Geekqualizer,
Thought I’d have you settle a debate I’m having with a friend: Github or Sourceforge?
—Open Sourcing in Sarajevo

Dear Open Sourcing,
People keep asking me about GitHub and all the forking that goes on there. Now that you’re telling me people are forging openly, I fear for you: you geek types won’t fare well in federal lockup. If GitHub is anything like Gitmo, then I can tell you a thing or two. I’ve done my time, not at Gitmo, exactly, but I’ve been held against my will in state facilities. (For crimes I did not commit!) Had I committed them at this GitHub, would I have suffered the same fate as I would have at Gitmo? If your answer is yes, then my answer is no.

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