How much holiday time off are new companies giving these days?

by Travis Henry

You’ve heard the stories: Startup grinders working through Christmas to meet a deadline, eating out of a can in a cubicle for a holiday meal.  

Or, on the flip side, you’ve probably heard of the “unlimited vacation” tech companies that go dark for the whole month of December and only resume work after the New Years’ hangovers wear off. 

Most of today’s inventive new companies actually land somewhere in the middle, with an appreciation of some holiday downtime coupled with a need to keep up the work in an effort for success.

Coworking space provider Galvanize recently conducted a holiday poll among start-ups, tech and marketing companies who call one of Galvanize’s six coworking communities home. 

Some interesting holiday tidbits include: 

  • Fifty percent of companies surveyed aren’t taking more than four days off, with 28 percent only taking one or two days off. Eighteen percent, however, plan to shut it down for more than a week this December. 
  • Although the coworking companies surveyed were overwhelming tech-related ventures, 26 percent of the companies said they will still mail out Christmas cards to their clients.

Check out the infographic for more fun insight into the holiday habits of companies in coworking spaces. 

Image credit: Infographic courtesy of Galvanize. Header image by Tim Mossholder.