The coolest coworking space in each state [infographic]

by Chrys Tan

With the growing number of remote workers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads, more coworking spaces are sprouting up than ever before. The site Women Digital Nomads did a roundup of the coolest coworking space in each state in the US, along with an infographic (below).

The criteria for “coolest” was based on the interior decor, facilities and/or atmosphere of each space. The selected spaces are well designed and would wow any visitor.

In certain states like New York and California, there was an abundance of really awesome coworking spaces which made it hard for us to pick just one. Yet in some states such as South Dakota or Montana, coworking spaces are still a rarity, making it only slightly easier for us to select.

During our research, it was interesting coming across many spaces that are making a difference in their communities by supporting local entrepreneurs, especially in states where there isn’t a vibrant entrepreneur or startup culture.

Women Digital Nomads helps digital nomads find the best cities to live and work remotely with informative city guides and resources. It also provides women nomads with information on safety and necessities, unlike many other travel or digital nomad sites. Visit them at

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  1. Sai Bharath 02/07/2017 at 6:38 am #

    Amazing. State wide list of co-working space is great. Definitely helpful for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Thanks for sharing.


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