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Is coworking helping you seal the deal?


People enter the world of coworking in pursuit of greener pastures. But sometimes they don’t know how to actually get the green – the money. South African serial entrepreneur Alon Lichtenstein argues that coworking spaces should start recruiting independent sales people that can match up with freelancers and startups who need sales help. This is […]

Turn your coworking space into a crowdfunding powerhouse


Luka Piškorič, co-founder of a coworking space and crowdfunding lab in Slovenia, and Abdallah Absi, founder of the Middle East’s first crowdfunding platform, based in Lebanon, share how to create successful crowdfunding campaigns that create value—and income—for your fellow coworkers. By Melissa Mesku

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The Geekqualizer Advice Column


Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Geekqualizer. A part-time advice columnist and full time undercover agent, the Geekqualizer is ready to solve your geekiest coworking quandaries. This issue, we hear indispensable advice for a bitcoin bully, a wardrobe worrier, and more, penned by standup comic Roddy O’Hare.

Montreal’s artist haven


Montreal’s Mile End neighborhood is said to have more artists per square inch than anywhere else in Canada. Filmmaker Geneva Guerin shares with us her documentary Van Horne & Waverly which takes us to the industrial warehouses of Mile End that have been transformed into creative workspaces and hubs of artistic activity and collaboration.